April 2, 2008

You’re making how much?

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

The numbers have been released and it turns out that the average major leaguer will make $3.15 million this season. It is the first time ever that the league average has topped $3 million and it doesn’t look like the climbing salaries will stop in the near future.

Also, the median in salaries is now $1 million! That’s right, half of the entire league is making over a million dollars to play baseball. It’s incredible how this number can be so high when you consider that half of the league isn’t very good at all. Plus there are a ton of younger players who are still on contracts around $300,000. It is ridiculous.

It’s kind of odd that on this day in 1997, Albert Belle became the first player to ever be paid more than an entire team. Belle’s $10 million deal was higher than the Pittsburgh Pirates

A-Rod is, predictably, the highest paid player in the majors and will actually make $6.8 million more than the entire Florida Marlins roster this year. Here’s the tally.

A-Rod: $28 million.
Florida Marlins: $21.8 million.

It’s actually kind of funny when you figure in this.

A-Rod: Zero World Series championships.
Florida Marlins: Two World Series championships.

Money can’t buy you happiness or championships. Unless you’re Boston.

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