April 4, 2008

Sad, funny irony

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

It may be a bit rash to call it funny, especially when you figure in the victim and potential severity of the situation, but there was a ton of irony in when, on a tour of Fenway Park, a student was attacked by a red hawk.

What’s so funny and/or ironic about that you may ask? The student’s name was Alexa Rodriguez. That’s right: and A-Rod was attacked in Fenway Park. Even more delicious, Alexa is 13-years-old. A-Rod wears number 13 for the hated Yankees.

But seriously, Alexa only suffered a cut to her scalp from the hawk, which apparently had a nest nearby with a solitary egg. Alexa was brought to the hospital via ambulance and should be no worse for wear. She may be afraid of predatory birds for some time though.

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