April 10, 2008

Free the cheap seats!

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

It looks like the Toronto Blue Jays are on the road to eliminating their $2 Tuesdays offer and it’s a crying shame. The promotion that lets fans buy tickets for the upper deck as well as the 200-level outfield seats for only two bucks is in danger of going the way of the dodo because some fans apparently can’t hold their liquor very well. That and they’re mistaking America’s pass-time (Baseball) for Canada’s game (the goon sport of hockey). Yep, mix alcohol and idiots with a lack of security and entertainment that is not so entertaining at times and you get fights. A lot of them too. Several broke out at Tuesday night 9-8 loss to Oakland before the flow of beer was cut off and security was positioned at every gate.

The first step that the Jays are taking is eliminating alcohol service in the entire upper bowl. Are you serious? Do they not realize that a large percentage of baseball fans may need a beer or two to enjoy the game? Also, not everyone who drinks gets belligerent after a few cold ones.

This decision may even hurt the bottom line for the organization. How much revenue do baseball clubs — or stadiums in general — make off of their over-priced beer. The fact that spectators are still willing to pay the exorbitant prices should be evidence enough that fans need a beer to loosen up.

It is not very hard to see this decision coming back to bit the Jays and any other team that tries ban alcohol. A lot of casual fans will be scared away.

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