April 24, 2008

NFL Trade mania

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Strip club owners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area should be either jumping for joy or cowering in fear today. Pacman Jones is a Cowboy. According to ESPN and The Associated Press, the Cowboys and Titans came to an agreement on a deal yesterday but the paperwork on it won’t be filed with the league office until today. This addresses needs for both teams; Dallas gets a very good corner to flank Terrence Newman while the Titans get rid of Pacman. Now the only hurdle for Dallas is getting Jones reinstated.

The Chiefs ensured they had enough picks early in the draft to help their ongoing rebuilding cause by dealing away franchise defensive end Jared Allen to Minnesota. This move gives the Vikes a very good shot at winning the NFC North — which may be quite easy with Favre “retired” — and maybe even win 10-12 games next season. Many teams are going to be having fits trying to block the defensive line of Minny that already had two Pro Bowlers before landing Allen. They’ll just have to see how far Adrian Peterson can carry them.

There’s also some non-trade mania heating up:

Cincinnati has told Chad Johnson that he’s not getting dealt and may be sitting out this season. Looks like opening his mouth severely back-fired for Ocho Cinco. The Bengals may be painting themselves into a corner as well; turning down a trade off from the Redskins that would have netted two first-round picks could really hurt in the long run.

Another receiver the ‘Skins tried and failed to pull in was Arizona’s Anquan Boldin who’s a bit bitter over his contract situation. The Cardinals may have turned down Washington’s advance but if Philly keeps on dangling surplus corner Lito Sheppard we could have a swap on the board.

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