May 5, 2008

Rooting against, not for

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

After watching Boston throttle the Hawks yesterday I was very disappointed. Not because Atlanta lost, I’m not a fan. It was because Boston won and advanced. It wasn’t so much that I was rooting for the Hawks to win, I found myself cheering for the Celtics — and, to an extent, the entire city of Boston — to lose. It was why I was even watching.

Sure, it’s kind of non-sensical cheering on a team with no real shot of winning it all, but seeing the scrappy Hawks tumble the goliath C’s with their Big Three would have been a great story even if they would be swept next round by King James.

A Celtics-less playoffs would draw less ratings and I’m sure that everyone wants to see an instant-classic finals like Lakers-Celtics, so maybe it was a bit obvious that Boston would take game 7 at home in a league where referees are — fairly — criticized for questionable, league-friendly calls.

Also, Kevin Garnett’s dirty play these playoffs has to stop. I have no clue why he hasn’t been suspended. David Stern needs to pull his head out of his ass and actually watch what is happening. For the second time in series, KG throw an elbow at Zaza Pachulia. It is downright filthy and dispicable that an elite player would stoop so low. I honestly would’ve expected a bit from a guy who was an alleged MVP candidate. I’m glad he didn’t win because MVPs are better than that.

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