May 8, 2008


by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

A bad thing happened yesterday to the city of Detroit as well as fans of their basketball team. Chauncey Billups went down with a hamstring injury in the first quarter of their game Orlando. This could be the opening the Magic need to dig themselves out of the 2-0 hole the were put in to begin their second round series.

Point guard, as I’m sure you may know, is a very pivotal position in basketball and it is very hard to continually advance if you don’t have a decent floor general leading the charge.

If Billups can’t get back into the lineup and play at — the very least — 80%, Jameer Nelson might actually be the better point guard in this series. Of course, we’ve all heard stories of playoff heroics and guys playing through injuries. This whole situation may turn out to just be a single-game storyline.

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