May 9, 2008

A bad day for Clevelanders

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Cleveland sports fans and residents haven’t had very many super days in their history and yesterday wasn’t great either.

First, on what should have been a joyous day for every hungry person or glutton in Cleveland’s city limits, Papa John’s was giving away large, one-topping pizzas for 23-cents. “What a deal!” you might say. In a move that perhaps every one was too dumb to see happen, there were hour-long waits for said pizzas. Of course, just as predictably, people got mad and police had to guard some shops.

Look, when you have fast food ultra cheap, there will be a whole bunch of people wanting it and it may not be pretty. Prepare for the worst.

Then there was the monstrousity that was called “Game 2″ taking place in Boston. TD BankNorth Garden, or whatever they’re calling the Garden now, is not a very happy setting for LeBron. In the Cavs two losses to open the second round series, King James shot an outstandingly awful 8-for-42. Yes, he missed 36 shots in two games. I think that every one in the world was expecting more from LeBron, regardless of how touted Boston’s defence is. If he can’t do better than that in the playoffs, can we really compare him to MJ — regardless of the lack of talent on the Cavs’ roster?

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