May 12, 2008

This weekend in the NBA

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

What happened this weekend in the NBA you ask? Well I’ll tell you what I saw.

How dare the fans in Utah boo Derek Fisher. Nearly a year to the day that he flew across the country after being by his daughter’s hospital bedside to play for the Jazz and hit some clutch shots in a win, he’s being booed during the introductions of Game 3 of the Lakers-Jazz series. Utah let Fisher leave the team to play for L.A. so his daughter could get better treatment over the offseason. There shouldn’t have been any ill intentions, so why the boos? This should have been a amicable split but Utah booing Fisher is in poor taste. Why not just boo Kobe? It would make a lot more sense.

It’s a good thing that the Celtics have home-court advantage throughout the playoffs because they absolutely cannot win on the road. Its getting a bit ridiculous. Has a team ever won the championship without a single road win? It seems that all it may take to bounce Boston from the playoffs is one win at the Garden. Taking that advantage from the C’s may be the equivalent to taking their playoff lives.

And speaking of home court woes, how are the Pistons the only team to win on the road so far in round 2? Not to knock Detroit or anything, but it’s pretty sad that contenders like Boston, New Orleans, San Antonio and the Lakers can’t win on the road. Of those four, Los Angeles has it the toughest. Utah has been one of the best home court teams in the league all season long and are playing them tough. With the Hornets and Spurs, both of them are playing amazingly and are playing the best seven-game series of this year’s playoffs. The fact that San An can’t shut down the Bugs offence is a true testament to Chris Paul’s play and the fact that they can ratchet up their game is a testament to their entire squad.

And the Celtics, well read one graf up.

So the Phoenix Suns have let coach Mike D’Antoni walk out of the desert to New York for a large amount of money. This move really shows that the Suns aren’t going to continue their break-neck-paced offensive style and perhaps move to a game plan based on saving Steve Nash’s career. If they can find a way to keep those Nash-Amare pick-and-rolls going while not having Nash take the punishment and wear from the speed game, the Suns could get better. They do have the pieces to do well in the West and really need a find a coach who can change their culture and institute some tougher defensive standards. As D’Antoni’s new team, the Knicks may have paid a lot for his services but he’ll be worth it. That hiring is such an upgrade over Isiah Thomas that the Knicks could actually contend for the playoffs next season.

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