May 13, 2008

Ninth inning horrors

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

People in Milwaukee should be feeling two different emotions over the same the situation right now. How can a guy (Eric Gagne) that they have just signed to a very large contract ($10-million US) to do a job (close games) just come out and beg his boss to not let him go out and try to do what he’s supposed to. The feelings that Brewers fans should have are right now:

A) Outrage and B) Relief.

So this guy is basically quitting and giving up on his job that he is being massively overpaid for? Are you kidding me? A little outrage should also be directed at Brewers management who signed the Canadian pitcher who was clearly on a steep down slope career-wise after last year’s disastrous stint in Boston.

As for relief, here’s Gagne’s line so far in 2008: 1-2. 9 saves with 5 blown. 6.89 ERA with a WHIP of 1.85. 18 hits over 15.2 innings.
Is that who you want to call in to “save” the game for you? Didn’t think so. Look for anybody to come out of that mess Milwaukee calls a bullpen to save games. They should really look into making a deal.

In St. Louis, long-time incumbent Jason Isringhausen isn’t going to be closing games for the Cardinals any more. Having an ERA of 7.47 will cause you to lose that responsibility. Well, he had a good run for a guy drafted in the 44th round back in 1991. Ryan Franklin and Russ Springer figure to get shots in the ninth while Izzy tries to work things out.

In Cleveland, the human rain delay of closing, Rafael Betancourt had a little scare of his own. First, he was nailed just above his (non-throwing) left elbow by a come backer. Then, stayed in the game and gave up three runs in the tenth inning to the Blue Jays. And the Jays hadn’t scored a run in the previous 31 innings. Well, if Betancourt can’t go for Cleveland, they can always trot of save-king Joe Borowski.

The funniest part about all of this? Brad Lidge hasn’t allowed a run this season and Troy Percival is lights out closing games for the Rays.

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