May 14, 2008

A shocking retirement

by Dan Bilicki In: Golf

Not many people may realize this, but women are different from men; especially in the sporting world. This is why I wasn’t surprised in the slightest to hear that one of the best women golfers – perhaps ever – is retiring from the LPGA at the end of this season and at a relatively young age. Annika Sorenstam is through with professional golf.

Sorenstam, has the third most wins on the tour in LPGA history with 72 and 10 majors. That’s ten wins shy of second place and within striking distance of the record 88. She is tied for the fourth most majors wins and has won the most career money out of anyone, but you have to remember that back in the day, you’d have to win every tournament you entered over a decade to reach $22.1-million US. Also, these numbers could be on the rise when considering that she is playing out 2008.

Now, why am I not surprised by this “shocking” development? Well Sorenstam will be 38 at the time of her retirement and – surprise, surprise – she is currently engaged and her wedding date is around January 2009. After one failed marriage that lasted from 1995-2005, it seems like a fairly safe assumption that Sorenstam is going to be concentrating on this one, perhaps even have a kid or two and start a family – and that is the difference male and female athletes.

While WNBA players take a season off while pregnant and have their child(ren), could you imagine the NBA if that were the case? There would be seasons where a guy like Kyle Korver would have led the league in scoring, LeBron would have sat out two seasons already and Wilt Chamberlain wouldn’t have even been in the league.

Now, if Tiger Woods were to hang up his spikes, that would be shocking.

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