May 15, 2008

A female exodus

by Dan Bilicki In: Uncategorized

Well, just a day after what I jokingly called a shocking retirement in the world of women’s sports, an actual one surprised everyone.

Justine Henin, the world’s number one women’s tennis player, walked away from the game. Henin, who is only 25 years old, quit just a week and a half before the French Open; an event that she was favoured to win. Apparently she wants to concentrate on life and her tennis school and she was apparently burned out.

Now, i think we’ve all heard the “burned out” story before. It would be hard to imagine Henin not trying a comeback a few years down the road, when she realizes that running a tennis school isn’t nearly as lucrative as winning the French Open year after year. Enjoy your time off dear.

So which prominent female athlete will be in tomorrow’s news? The WNBA hasn’t been represented yet; how about Lisa Leslie? Maybe the number one pick in their draft, Candace Parker? The real question would be: does anybody care if a WNBA player retires? Probably not.

Note: Those were the only two WNBAers that I know and I’m only aware of Candace because she is Raptors guard Anthony Parker’s sister.

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