May 15, 2008

Five questions from Game Fives

by In: Basketball, Ice Hockey

How does Delonte West not inbound the ball in time? Seriously. That was I moment when you could tell there was no way the Cavs were going to win, if not earlier.

If they’re only getting nine points from six players that came off the bench, are the Celtics a serious contender? They keep on showing more and more flaws that could kill them in the end. If they do get by the Cavs, the well-rested Pistons might be considered favourites to win the East if they take one of the first two games in Boston. And forget about them beating any team in the West with that calibre of depth. The Western Conference final will, again, be the de facto championship.

How did Pau Gasol get six offensive rebounds and none on his end? Can we really call that an effective night for him? He was solid everywhere else, scoring 21, dropping eight dimes and blocking four shots.

Notice how Kobe Bryant didn’t take any field goal attempts in the final 13 minutes of the game? If that doesn’t have you convinced that the Lakers are a powerful all-around team, I don’t know what will.

Will Kobe’s back be well enough by Game 6 to take home the series in Utah? It may not matter, remember, Utah has only lost five games at home all season long. Who would have thought that Salt Lake City would be the hardest place to win in the NBA?

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