June 4, 2008


by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

With Euro 2008 starting this Saturday, how about some soccer talk? Have you heard this ridiculous new rule that will limit club teams from playing international players? Well 6+5 may be ruining your favourite team soon enough.

Can you imagine an MLS club that has to start six Americans instead of better European players? How about Toronto FC? Canada’s national soccer team is about as good as some third world countries’ teams that can barely fund their efforts. How much would they suffer?

Some of the biggest European teams, think Manchester United and Chelsea — the two Champions League finalists — and how they would actually have to sell off some of their highly talented players because they wouldn’t get a chance to play. Instead they would be playing some English blokes; guys who represent a team that didn’t even qualify for the Euros. When you look at a roster like Chelsea’s squad, even though their captain may be English, only eight players are Brits – 4 of which usually start and one more that’s their first sub. Real Madrid rarely puts together a starting six of Spaniards because of their international depth. And don’t even get me started on Inter Milan! They have more Argentines on their roster (5) than Italian (4, including two goalies).

A rule like this would only hurt teams who have looked to build by using the best players at their disposal, international or national. And just to show that it’s not a “rich teams buying all the global talent” type deal, my boys of Blackburn Rovers have 8 Brits on their roster – 4 of them are only on reserve.

Let’s not toss the soccer world upside down boys, the great game is fine how it is. How about taking a step like the NBA did and start calling some more flops?


  1. Martin sort the Villa mess out soon. We can’t afford 7-1 displays like that again.

  2. I hope the Rooney injury is not bad, we need him for the 2nd leg

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