June 5, 2008

Patriots: More cheating!

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Let’s just get this straight: Not only did the Patriots cheat to win by videotaping opposing teams and stealing signals, they have a drug abuser/rat in their mist as well? So, it looks like one of their offensive linemen, Nick Kaczur, was too girly to play through some pain, he had to go out and become a drug addict to get over it. According to reports, Kaczur was caught with OxyContin — a banned substance in the NFL — after being pulled over for speeding back in April, then was flipped by the government to help bust his dealer.

Then, like any person looking out for themselves would do, Kaczur reportedly wore a wire to lock up the guy who was selling him the OxyContin. And allegedly Kaczur wasn’t just buying small amounts either, he was taking home around a hundred pills at a time.

Well, it goes without saying, Kaczur should be suspended and treated like any other NFL player who was busted for possession of an illegal substance. He’s not better than a Ricky Williams (marijuana) or any player busted with cocaine. He should even be on the list of pariahs that used steroids.

Imagine this and think if you would consider it fair: What if after Pacman Jones was involved in his Vegas episode, he cut a deal that would see him testify against whoever shot whoever. Would he have received a lesser punishment? Of course not because he’s a bad character guy.

If commissioner Goodell lets off Kaczur easier, then it should be fairly clear that he should be thrown out of office for clearly supporting the New England franchise through their scandals.

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