June 10, 2008

Farewell boys

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Ice Hockey

Two legends of different sports hung up their gear on Monday. Dominik Hasek, one of (if not) the best European goaltenders to ever play hockey, and Michael Strahan, who holds the single season sack record in the NFL won’t be coming back to play this fall.

Hasek may not have played in the Stanley Cup final but sure helped his team — the Red Wings — make it there. Even at an age well past his prime he was able to stifle opponents while back-stopping the Red Wings for a large part of this season. Even with his constantly injured groin, he still put together a stellar resume — 2 Hart trophies, six Vezinas — that should have him included in talks of a possible top-10 ever. And who will ever forget Brett Hull’s toe-in-crease goal that should have been called back against Buffalo?

Strahan will be remembered as one the best defensive ends of his time and an absolute bitch to play against twice a season in Madden. My most vivd memory of him will always be watching his buddy Brett Favre take a dive to allow Strahan to pick up the single season sack record. He made seven pro bowls and is going out on top after smoking Tom Brady a couple of times en route to winning the Super Bowl. Quite frankly, after hearing about his contract bitching/possible retiring last summer, I’m glad to see him go. Now I might actually be able to run right against the Giants in Madden 09.

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