June 16, 2008

Chris Mihm… really?

by The Intern In: Basketball

The Lakers repeated how they started out Game 4, running up the score and gaining a big lead. Then, just like in Game 4 again, they started stinking out the joint and the Celtics made a game of. It was a classic case of shooting themselves in the foot. The Celts didn’t even step it up too much after the Lakers initial run either. It was a case of Los Angeles just ceasing to play at their best — where they should be considering it was a must win game. Win or it’s all over. Oh, and with Dick Bavetta refereeing while under investigation because of the Donaghy scandal, it might have actually been more fun to watch him and judge his calls instead the game. So, what did RTP’s NBA Final correspondent The Intern think?

The next person I talk to that compares Kobe Bryant to MJ will know what it feels like to be knocked around by a half-drank bottle of Fresca. Game 5 further amplified why Kobe isn’t the heir to be crowned the next MJ. With the importance of this game, Kobe was only able to scrape together ten points in the final 3 quarters. I don’t know, I just expected a little more out of Kobe considering his season is lying in the balance. I’m talking almost like the Lakers lost but in fact, they narrowly escaped catastrophe.

I will give the Lakers some credit since they did look fantastic in the first quarter wining the period by 17 points. But then the Lakers completely dried out and didn’t score a basket for about eight minutes. During that drought we saw the emergence of Chris Mihm. Why in a do-or-die situation would you interject a player who hasn’t played for about two years into your rotation? It really baffles the mind. It really pains me to say this and it almost feels like Phil Jackson is going to come over and beat me with his thousand dollar loafers but he is getting out-coached. I never thought I would see the day Doc would out-coach anyone.

Another reoccurring subplot is Kevin Garnett’s incredible fourth quarter meltdowns – this time with three botched free throws. I don’t understand how a man with so much intensity just gets up and disappears when he is needed most. KG is like Kitty Pride aka Shadowcat if she couldn’t control her powers. He’s there but not really contributing anything productive. Man, he even missed an uncontested put-back. His intensity alone should be scoring buckets.

A couple funny observations I noticed during the game. First one is when Ronny Turif fell to the ground and not single Lakers helped him up. I know he’s French and all but show him some camaraderie. Secondly, Mark Jackson commented that Eddie House is one of the best shooters in the game. That is a really bold stament and hopefully was just made a little too hastily or he was out and out getting paid to say it. And it’s more likely the latter. Also I really, really hate these 9 p.m. start times.

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