June 17, 2008

Tiger Woods is damn good

by Dan Bilicki In: Golf

I wasn’t surprised that Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open. I was surprised that he had to go to a playoff to do it. Furthermore, I was shocked that he had to go to sudden death since he didn’t beat Rocco Mediate (ranked 158th in the world) within the 18 playoff holes. Sure, Tiger was playing with a gimped knee — which I’m sure playing 91 holes in five days didn’t help out — but how could the best golfer in the world right now (and maybe ever) not straight up beat a guy named Rocco?

So now Tiger, the undisputed greatest golfer of his generation, has won 14 Majors and 65 total tournaments. That leaves him 17 shy of Sam Snead’s career record. At the rate Tiger’s going and giving that nobody is stepping up out of the pack of potential rivals; it is pretty safe to say that Snead’s record will fall before Tiger’s career wraps up. Then he’ll move onto the Champions Tour and continue to wreck up the record books. If I’m Phil Mickelson, I’d retire a few years before Tiger just to be out of his way and actually get a few wins before being forever frustrated by his eternal enemy.

Well, the surest thing that I’ll assume for now is that Tiger’s going to take a few weeks off before playing in another tournament.

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