July 1, 2008

A problem solved

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Even after claiming he wouldn’t exercise an option in his Warriors contract that would allow him to explore the free agent market, Baron Davis shocked the organization and did. Then, hours later, he signed with a franchise that had a questionable-at-best situation at point guard – The L.A. Clippers.

So this means two things. One, the Clippers now have a great scoring point guard that might even help them contend for a playoff spot (Only if Elton Brand comes back though). Secondly, the Warriors should be moving into full out rebuilding mode. There’s no way they can contend without the Baron’s scoring ability.

In fact, when thinking about the Clippers, if they can stay healthy, bring back Brand and team him with the ever emerging Chris Kaman and young gun Thornton, this could be the seventh or eighth place team in the West. That is assuming that Brand would be taking a pay cut to come back instead of taking a max money deal from somewhere like Philadelphia.

And am I crazy or would Golden State not seem like a great team if they brought in another high-scoring, young and talented point guard like Gilbert Arenas? I’m sure that he’ll find a max deal elsewhere though but could Agent Zero not average 40 a game for Don Nelson? It would be quite the sight.

Around the league the Raptors made the smartest move they could be giving Jose Calderon whatever he wanted. He’s the key to their entire team, never mind CB4 and JO … Antawn Jamison took less money to stay in Washington in hopes that they could lure Agent Zero back. It’s a bold move and it showed that Jamison really cares about the team. Now the Wiz just have to pony up a max money deal for Gil … If you wouldn’t find it funny that James Posey could potentially be a Laker, well you don’t know irony then.

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