July 10, 2008

Let the signings begin!

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

After that ridiculous embargo on signing free agents and making roster moves that the NBA demands, the first true day of free agency kicked off with a bang.

The East keeps getting bigger and stronger. After making the playoffs and being quickly brushed out of the way, the Sixers had an offseason plan. After paying off the Timberwolves to take Rodney Carney (by giving away a future first round pick), the Sixers were able to use the extra available cap room to bring in Elton Brand. Teaming Brand with Samuel Dalembert gives Philly one of the best defensive duo of big men in the league right now. They’re not quite the offensive juggerenaut that is Shaq-Amare of Phoenix but they do rank with Bosh-JO of Toronto. I don’t see Philadelphia winning the East or their division still though but I can’t wait to see the down-low battle when the Raps and 76ers meet.

The Warriors got the other Clippers. It may not be the revenge move that they really wanted but the Warriors were able to pull in a former Clipper after agreeing with Corey Maggette. This move makes sense since the Warriors also lost Michael Pietrus to the Magic but it was really just a thinly veiled spite plan to make up for first losing Baron Davis and then losing out on Brand. It’s easy to see that Golden State is a lottery team next season.

The Kings went out and made another move that makes them look like they have some alcoholics making the calls. Signing Beno Udrih to a five year deal is just idiotic. Why would they sign a stop-gap replacement to a five-year deal? This deal pretty much ensures that the Kings will be a lottery team for the next five years. Beno running the point is not the answer in Sacto.

Speaking of hideous moves. Dallas has signed Desagana Diop to a five-year deal worth their entire midlevel exception — nearly $6 million. Really? A guy who averaged 2.5 points and 5.1 rebounds is worth that much? Maybe they should give Keith Van Horn a new deal too!

After signing James Jones — an alleged three-point specialist — to a five-year $23 million deal, Dwyane Wade came out and said the Heat will be better next season. Well Wade, I have to agree with you. Even with the idiotic amount of money spent on a back-of-the-rotation guy like Jones, it will be hard for Miami to do worse than last year when they openly tanked to get a high pick (Michael Beasley).


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