July 23, 2008

Some things that don’t make sense

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Soccer

I don’t know what logic the Astros were using by dealing for Randy Wolf who was supposed to be a lock to go to, and help out, a contender. Yes, a contender, not Houston who are a dozen games back (when I’m writing this). But maybe they’re smarter than we think: They could just be acquiring Wolf to deal him again at the deadline when his price has been driven up due to a potential bidding war. But then again, the chance that Houston are just idiots is probably closer to true.

The Diamondbacks, meanwhile, have traded one of their higher-ranked prospects for a converted reliever. Bringing in Jon Rauch will help them solidify an already stingy bullpen, but, what’s the point? They need a bat if anything and while I’m sure the 6′11″ Rauch can probably hit somewhat, shouldn’t Arizona be more focused on their sputtering offence? They may have already brought in Tony Clark but he’s only a pinch-hitting specialist at this point of his career. Improving a strength doesn’t make you as better improving a weakness would, keep that in mind when looking to make some more moves.

In the Soccer world, it looks like the Italians don’t want the mafia running one of their teams. When a group of ten people — allegedly involved in organized crime — tried to buy Lazio, who play out of Rome, the authorities promptly arrested seven of them. Three are still on the lam, including Giorgio Chingalia, a former player for the team. What doesn’t make sense is why did it take a bid to buy a publicly traded soccer club to set into motion a trap to arrest these criminals? Maybe they could’ve jumped earlier, like, when, they were committing the alleged crimes. And why are the Italians so concerns about the mob owning a team? It didn’t seem to stop oil-magnate/alleged crime kingpin, Roman Abramovich from buying Chelsea but I guess that’s a completely different story, seeing how it’s in England instead of Italy.

Also, the MLS all-stars will take on West Ham United on Thursday night in Toronto. Now, normally you’d think that an all-star team would surely smoke whoever they faced, regardless of what sport or league they played in. But this game will be just further proof of how inferior the American soccer club teams are compared to Europe’s. West Ham is a middle-of-the-road English Premiership team and they should — at worst — tie these “all-stars.” What doesn’t make sense is why there isn’t just an East vs. West all-star game? At least this way there would be even further exposure of more players and with the talent around the same on both sides, it would be an interesting game. They could even pick the teams to be offensively heavy (say 3-4-3 formations) and then the scoring would draw fans too.

But, nobody listens to common since any more so what we’ll learn at the game (but already knew) is that even the best players in the MLS aren’t as good as an average European team. At least the fans in Toronto are almost as boisterous.

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