August 5, 2008

Like nothing else

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

I’ve been to all kinds of sporting events before. I’ve been to baseball games, football games, basketball games, hockey games and even a few cock fights (just kidding). I’ve seen a World Series game and a heated rivalry playoff game but nothing compared to this.

The Angels and Yankees battled to a 1-0 game with the lone run coming in the top of the ninth inning off the greatest closer ever and while it may not have been the greatest game ever played (it was pretty good on its own, but not “great”-worthy) it was the setting that mattered the most.

If you’ve never been to Yankee Stadium, you’ve only got a very limited window of time to spare yourself from missing out on a truly wonderful experience. Everything about the House That Ruth Built will strike you in awe as you gawk around, taking in the history.

My seats weren’t great on paper, but not too sound too clichéd, it felt like every seat had an amazing view. Being midway up the upper deck even gave an unobstructed view of the entire field except for the right field corner, but in many cases and many stadiums, you’re not seeing there unless you’re on the opposite side of the field.

I must admit there was a bad thing about Yankee Stadium aside from the part about closing it down this year: The subway ride home. Going underground with a group of crammed sweaty fans isn’t an ideal situation but then again, it might have been more tolerable if they had played Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” instead of Liza Minneli’s.

(Yep, that’s an inside Yankees fan thing but ask if you really want to know).

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