August 7, 2008

Brett Favre is a wanker … and a Jet!

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Yep, the headline’s right. Favre, the universally known best “good guy” in all of football is a wanker. It’s come to the point where I am sick to death of hearing about his saga this offseason. He’s pulled this type of drama before with his will-he-play debates for the past few years and now it’s grown to this ridiculous, overblown situation. I no longer care where Brett is going, who he’s meeting with, what he’s doing and how many times is the guy going to ask for his release? It should be abundantly obvious that he’s not going to get his wish.

I don’t see that the big deal about Favre is. It doesn’t matter who is behind centre – Aaron Rodgers or No. 4 – because the Packers aren’t going to be playoff team. Their defence may be under rated by some, but it’s not enough to overcome the fact that with Ryan Grant as their starting runningback, they don’t know what they’re getting. This team couldn’t run at all for an entire half of a season and now they think that will change because Grant strung together a few good outings? There is no way they’ll beat out Minnesota regardless of whom Favre suits up for and there’s no way they are better than any of the four teams in the NFC East for the wild card spots.

Personally, I can’t wait for the Jets or Bucs to take Favre off the Packers hands for whatever they’re offering and then we can move on and enjoy the other 2559 players in training camp.

Update!! Favre is traded!

The kind people looking down on me from the sports control centre of the universe answered my prayers – apparently moments after I had written them too. Brett Favre has been traded! The saga versus Green Bay is over! We can all finally move on.

I’m not sure how it happened that quickly, from mere rumours early in the evening to an announcement around midnight eastern time, but it happened and it wasn’t a moment too soon. The Packers also got a pretty decent deal, I think, out it. The better the Jets/Favre do, the better the higher the draft pick the Packers will get. The only downside is now they are fully dedicated to the Aaron Rodgers era and effectively drove their franchise player out of town. The entire front office’s future relies on Rodgers, but that was already true from the second they named him starter this offseason. Now there’s no safety net too. No Favre to fall back on if Rodgers gets hurt and doesn’t perform. They better hope he can handle the pressure but they had to have already thought that through, right?

The Jets have now pretty much officially written off Chad Pennington and can’t keep him around. He will not take kindly to being a third string QB because it was obvious through last season that Kellen Clemens was the favourite of the two. Speaking of Clemens, he’s now put in the unenviable role that Rodgers was in for the past few seasons, waiting to take over from Favre. The difference is that Clemens already had his shot and now his confidence will be shaken. The Jets future at QB is shakier now than it has ever been.

And a huge plus that I can’t wait for, we get to see Favre and Brady face off twice this season. What a delicious twist in the Jets-Patriots rivalry.

Now, what’re EA Sports going to do about that Madden 09 cover? This should be interesting. Seeing Favre on the cover in a Jets jersey will be a shock. They have less than a week to mass produce said new cover too with the release date on Tuesday, August 12. I can already see true video game collectors vying to get their hands on any copy with Favre on it. It’s the ultimate “error card” of video games now. It really blows the Dany Heatley NHL cover out of the water (For those not familiar, Dany Heatley was on the cover of NHL 2004 but was taken off after his drunken driving accident that killed a teammate. EA pulled him and replaced the game with a Joe Sakic cover).

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