August 9, 2008

The first Gold

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball, Olympics

Well, you have to give it the Czech Repiublic. For a while there, they were the leading medalists at the 2008 Olympic Games after winning the first possible Gold Medal in air rifle shooting. Katerina Emmons probably won’t be remembered a year from now (maybe even a month from now) but at least she’s on the top of the world until the next medal is won.
While watching some early coverage a saw a few things that had to be commented on:
— Did you notice the features on the athletes and their roads to the Games? Yep, just like I said, they’ll be crammed down your throats until you know these guys and girls better than your own family.
— Streaming on the live television feed was less than stellar. Watching the cycling  road race was like watching videos on dial up internet. There was way too much lag and far too many pauses. The fact that it’s a sport of constant motion only hurt it more.
— The smog covering Beijing will be the one thing that everyone remembers from these Games. I don’t care if Michael Phelps does win eight gold medals, when every shot I see that has the sky in the background is a washed out grey, that simply won’t do. It’s a travesty that the Games were awarded to China in spite of this and both the IOC and the planners should be ashamed of themselves. I really didn’t realize it was that bad until seeing it last night.
— Finally, you have to admit Chris Bosh’s new video — training for the Olympics — is his best by far. He’s really showing that he has the personality to be a superstar to go along with his play.

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