August 11, 2008

USA vs. Mao

by The Intern In: Basketball, Olympics

Nothing like waking up extra early on a Sunday morning to watch team USA battle some champions of communism. This was definitely a tale of two halves. Thanks to the American’s ineptitude at guarding the 3-point line, China was able to stay in it for the first half.  But eventually the lack of depth  on China’s bench and the Americans crazy depth led to the Chinese shooters just not having the legs to compete for the whole 40 minutes.

It was good to see Yao back on the court but he is clearly not 100%. Also, the Chinese backcourt had a lot of trouble when the US put the pressure on. D-Wade had a great game off the bench; he looks like the D-Wade of the ’06 finals.

The big surprise of the day was Argentina losing to Lithuania. I’m not going to lie but I didn’t watch any of the game, but Dan wants me to comment on it so here I go. Lithuania = good, Argentina= not so good. Anyways the game I am most looking forward to is Spain, so everyone circle Saturday on their calendar. Until then keep it classy.

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