August 18, 2008

The lesser of two evils

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

It looks like Rex Grossman won the battle with Kyle Orton to see who was the more incompetent quarterback and will be the backup to Orton’s lead. Either way you slice it, the Bears are going to stink on offence. I still don’t understand why the Bears didn’t move to get a new QB in the draft or through free agency or even through a trade. Tampa Bay, for example, has several quarterbacks that are better than the Bears’ two options and you’re telling me that trade couldn’t have possibly been worked out between those two? It’ll be another long season on the midway.

Elsewhere, people, for some reason, still think the preseason matters and that the Patriots are in trouble because Tom Brady isn’t playing while nursing a foot injury. If you think for a second that Brady’s injury would keep him out of any regular season game, you’re an idiot. Don’t buy into the fact that Patriots are 0-2 so far in preseason play either; their camera crew is still out on summer vacation. They (the Patriots and their “scouts”) will be ready come September.

Also, I hope he was talking tongue-in-cheek when Brady said “The preseason is important.” Sure, he followed it up saying he wants to be ready for the regular season but what’s up with patronizing? Everyone and their mother know that the preseason means nothing and is a glorified scrimmage, mainly, for the scrubs who hope to back up the stars.

Speaking of injured premier quarterbacks, if you’re one of the people sliding Peyton Manning down your fantasy draft rankings because of the possibility he may miss time early in the season, well I’d be happy to join your league. Manning would never give up his iron-man streak because of something as silly as an infected bursa sac (which was removed). He’ll be fine for week one against the Bears.

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  1. Someone should tell Romo that the season starts in two weeks. No time to look for engagement rings with the girlfiend, JS. Time in focus on the football !

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