August 28, 2008

Pacman’s back!

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

In the good way too! The NFL has officially reinstated Adam Jones, a move that gives the Dallas Cowboys — arguably — the best defensive backfield in the league. Jerry Jones’ gamble on the troubled young man will pay dividends for the Cowboys this season if he does as little as play as good as a serviceable nickel corner combined with punt and/or kick return duties. How often can you actually trade a 4th and a 6th round pick for a guy who was selected sixth overall three seasons ago? He hasn’t suffered any injuries and his only setback was his off-field discretions — which have been taken care of.
Now, the Cowboys have four guys who could potentially be starter-calibre — on at least some of the weaker-thans — in Terrence Newman, Anthony Henry, rookie Mike Jenkins and now the man formerly known as Pacman. With cover guys like that, Dallas will be able to blitz their superb edge-rushers while playing the corners in man.
The only question left in Big D is if Tony Romo can finally keep it together and win one when it counts. And, in case you were wondering, RTP’s NFL preview will be hitting this space in the near future.
Quick note: I have no idea how Sports Illustrated can be so dumb that they run an entire preview column on the Chargers season and not mention Shawne Merriman once. And they’re not just overlooking his injury, check it out, his name isn’t in the entire piece. I really don’t see them going 13-3 like SI predicts, but then again, they are in the AFC West…

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