September 16, 2008

Questionable calls

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

It was quite the weekend for bad decisions in the NFL. I really can’t remember this many bone-head moments and highly questionable decisions made. Didn’t see them all? Well here’s a roundup.

In the most egregious call of the weekend, Ed Hochuli will actually be downgraded from being a head official for mucking up the end of the San Diego-Denver game so badly. First of all, how does an NFL quarterback flub a ball as bad as Jay Cutler did? Secondly, how did the referee standing behind the play, watching, not realize the ball traveled a yard or two backwards? Thirdly, how do they review the play, rule it a fumble and still give Denver the ball even though San Diego recovered it? The entire situation was a mess.

Then, after that horrible error, the Broncos score to bring the game within one point, and then go for two instead of tying the game. You have to give credit to Mike Shanahan for making such a ballsy call when the game was truly on the line. You make it, you win, you botch it, and you lose. Then the best of all was the fact that they ran the EXACT SAME PLAY that they just ran to score the touchdown. I know that San Diego is prone to slow starts but luck has just not been on their side late in games this season. The Chargers are now 0-2 but lost both games by a combined score of 3 points. They are better than their record but that’s just bad luck.

The bonehead move of Monday night’s shootout – and that term doesn’t do justice to how much offence that game had – was courtesy of uber-talented, uber-cocky rookie DeSean Jackson, who caught a 60-yard bomb from Donovan McNabb and then simple tossed the ball aside when entering the end zone. The play was review and it was ruled a fumble since the idiot didn’t even enter the end zone yet. How did Andy Reid not beat the hell out of this kid after a stupid move like that? This is the pros and crap like that doesn’t fly. The last wide receiver the Eagles had that was this good and this cocky was the guy who scored two TDs against them last night: Terrell Owens. If I were an Eagles fan, I’d be worried about this guy in the future.

Lastly, from the game I actually attended on Sunday night, you have to wonder if Art Shell hasn’t taken over for Romeo Crennel in Cleveland. If you are trailing 10-3 and driving down the field, once reaching the opponent’s end, how could you possibly call for a field goal with less than three minutes left on the clock? How boneheaded was that? It cost the Browns the game. Go for it on 4th and 7, you could make the first down and have a chance to tie the game. Kick a field and what does that get you? Nothing! You’d still have to score a touchdown to win the game! Management in Cleveland might’ve made an awful error in judgement by inking Crennel to an extension after a 10-win 2007 season. You could actually see everyone the standings screaming profanities at the field while walking to the exits, knowing the Browns just forfeit the game right there.

I will get into the whole Cleveland Stadium experience later this week but for now, let’s check my picks.

This week: 8-6.
This season: 16-13.

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