September 18, 2008

Howard in hot, non-bong water

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Josh Howard of the Dallas Mavericks, who has already been in trouble with both the law and his team, is at it again. Here is what he was recorded saying during a touch football tournament held by Allen Iverson.

“‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ is going on. I don’t celebrate this [expletive]. I’m black.”

I have no idea what that’s even supposed to mean. How could someone — who is American — be as ignorant as to say something as dumb as that? Even better, after team owner Mark Cuban came to his defence (well sort of), he went on to say that Howard will have to go through some “advanced communication skill sessions,” whatever the hell those are.

He also went on to say, “I have explained to him that cell phone cameras are not your friend.” Really? A grown man in the public eye doesn’t know this?

Either way, the Mavericks have a problem on their hands in Howard and may have a tough decision about what to do with this talented, young, dumb, pothead. Oh, he’s also due in court for a speeding/careless and reckless driving and spend time in jail earlier this summer.

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