September 30, 2008

Who’s the best now?

by Dan Bilicki In: Fantasy, Football, Picks

Sadly, Dallas came — probably — within a Sam Hurd mistake from beating the Redskins this week. If Hurd, the fourth receiver on the Cowboys, didn’t let the ball bounce of his hands on the onside kick attempt, God’s Team would surely have marched down the field and kicked a game-winning field goal. But the real question that I’ll ask after another wild NFL week is now who is the best team in the NFL? With Dallas losing to Washington, are they still at the top of the list? What about the Redskins who sport only one loss. The Eagles are still near the top despite a close loss to Chicago with out their best offensive player . In the AFC, Denver lost to the pathetic Chiefs while the old guard (Indy, San Diego and New England) aren’t playing too great. The Titans are a contender but there’s a lot to be desired on their offensive side of the ball. The Bills have only beaten one good team and struggled against the Raiders at home. Right now, it has to be the New York Giants. Funny how a team that won the Super Bowl in January is somehow surprising everyone by being good again, isn’t it?
This week may have been a fantasy write off for some people with the heavily drafted Colts and Patriots off on byes but those with Brett Favre and any of the Jets receivers (like my Lavereous Coles) probably won their match ups. Throwing 6 TDs — his most ever in a game — is as spectacular as you can get.

As for the helmet-to-helmet hit on Anquan Boldin at the end of that game, there shouldn’t have been a penalty (right call by the refs) and if the league looks into like Arizona coach Whisenhunt wants, they won’t find that the Jets defender did anything wrong. He clearly went up to Boldin, but Boldin was jostled in the air and the resulting impact was purely incidental. I am relieved that he’s alright, too. And you know what? Jets fans were right to boo the Cards for playing out the last 30 or so seconds in a blow out defeat after that injury happened. They should have walked out and downed the ball — the game was clearly out of hand.

Very sad news about Jason Collier. Professional athlete or not, you have to feel for someone who was hurt in a needless shooting incident. Now that it’s come to light that he’s paralyzed from the waist down and had his leg amputated is even worse news. At least he’ll live which is the only good news here.

Every one’s said it but I’ll say again: How did the Texans fall for a fake punt play and give up a 41-yard touchdown run when there wasn’t even a punter on the field? That should have been the most easily noticeable thing and it cost them a game. Missing that, they deserved to lose.

It’s about time that the Rams fired Scott Linehan. St. Louis has been brutal ever since he took over and this move was long over due. I’m surprised it didn’t happen in the off-season. The first move that interim coach Jim Haslett should make is re-installing Marc Bulger at QB — if only to keep Steven Jackson happy. I would say changes need to be made on defence, but that’s an understatement.

Next in line for the axe is Lane Kiffin but that would only happen if Al Davis was actually awake. How does a coach send out a kicker to attempt a 76-yard field goal? You have a QB with an arm strong enough to bomb a hail mary but you chose to try a field goal? That’s just asking to be fired.

Last night’s game was as good of a defensive battle as you’re going to get. The fact that so many of the Ravens and Steelers running backs were either injured going in or injured during the game helped the drama because the teams had to throw, meaning both D’s could do what they do best — blitz the hell out of the opposing QB. Not surprisingly, the Steelers were able to stop the Ravens’ lackluster offence and kick the game-winning field goal. If I were Baltimore, I would’ve considered giving Pittsburgh the ball first and pinning them deep in their territory and possibly walking away still undefeated.

As for my picks this week, absolutely dynamite stuff.

This Week: 10-2

This season: 32-24

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