October 6, 2008

The wait continues

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Those poor lovable losers are at it again, this year, their hopes were raised by a great regular season before being dashed by the red-hot Los Angeles Dodgers. It should have been expected though; with the way that the Dodgers were coming together at the right time and the way that Chicago’s starters faltered horribly and lacked big game experience (even though L.A.’s staff isn’t exactly battle-tested either) you could see this coming. I don’t think anyone would have called for a sweep, but a lot of people did think the Cubs were due for a loss. Then again, a lot of pundits thought they could win it all – or at least this series before blowing it.

Philadelphia fans finally have a team to cheer about with the Eagles surprisingly under .500. With the Phillies closing out a tired looking Brewers team, they now have a really good shot at their first World Series appearance since losing to the Blue Jays in 1993. It’s about time Philly had some to cheer about other than It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (the best sitcom on television). The Eagles always let the city down, the Flyers haven’t been relevant since the strike that killed hockey and the 76ers have only started to gain traction on their slippery slope that started after dealing Allen Iverson to Denver.

Either way, both of the two remaining contenders for the NL crown are worthy of making an appearance in the Fall Classic. Right now, I’d think that Philly has an advantage if the middle of their potent lineup starts hitting like they should but if not, Manny will lead his new team to the biggest stage.

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