October 14, 2008

Oh No Romo!

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

It looks like the NFC East isn’t quite the powerhouse that we thought it was. In fact, it seems that this year more than ever, whenever you feel like you truly know what’s happening and which teams are contenders, everything does a 180. Just look at this week’s games.

First, the Cowboys now look like they’re in trouble. Two Sunday’s ago, they play a close one against the putrid Bengals and then they go into Arizona – where it looked like the crowd was at almost an even split on who to cheer for – and lost while playing a very sloppy game. That offensive line had problems all day protecting Romo and now the entire team will pay without their star QB who is out for four weeks with a broken pinkie. At least Brad Johnson is a serviceable QB who won’t make too many mistakes and won a Super Bowl doing just that.

Last night the Giants were handled quite easily by the Browns. That leaves only Tennessee undefeated but how much longer can that last with Kerry Collins under centre? Then again, the way this season has been going with no one able to truly figure out things, the Titans might just go 16-0 to spite us all.

What a weekend for wild finishes too. The Cowboys make history by being the first team to ever lose in overtime on a blocked punt. Chicago grabs a last minute lead only to lose it on a last second field goal by Atlanta. Matt Schaub called his own number and ran a QB draw that Steve McNair would have been jealous of to win it over the Miami Wildcats (And what a trick play that was they ran earlier on). Even St. Louis go off the schnied by kicking a game-winner with seconds remaining over the Redskins.

There also the teams that silenced doubters. The Colts proved everyone wrong by actually winning at home and hanging 30 points on the “rejuvenated” Ravens D. The Chargers accomplished their off-season mission by beating the Patriots. The Lions even kept their game against the Vikings close and only gave up 12 points after a string of horrible showings. It will be interesting to see what they’ll do if Jon Kitna is placed on the IR. That might actually be the key to a 0-16 season.

With the boringest trade deadline in sports coming up in a few hours, I don’t expect anything to really happen. At best, a third string runningback might be dealt, but who really cares?

As for my picks, well I wouldn’t have been talking (read: complaining) about the wackiness of the league if I called the games right all along now, would I?

This week: 4-7
This Season: 42-37-1

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