October 16, 2008

Phillies win the pennant

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

The Dodgers played do-or-die baseball and they — unfortunately — tasted the latter of the proposition. Pulling starter Chad Billingsley, who had, in fairness, given up three runs in less than three innings and looked awful, was a move that basically said “all-in” for Los Angeles. They had to do something with their hand and the kid wasn’t getting it done. Greg Maddux though, I’m not sure was the right choice to hand him the reins.

It’s a shame that the Dodgers won’t have more time with Manny Ramirez — unless they pony up enough cash to keep around. He was absolutely inspiring for that club and if it wasn’t for his hitting, there would’ve been no way Los Angeles would be even thought about right now. I hope he sticks around there, that team and it’s relaxed nature is perfect for him.

So, now the Phillies have the luxury of sitting around and waiting for the American League to sort out their CS and that could be as early as tonight if Tampa Bay can beat Dice-K. But, quite stupidly, even if the Rays win Game 5 and clinch the pennant, the World Series will only start next Wednesday, Oct. 22. Why would they leave so much downtime and push the Fall Classic back so much when it was quite likely that there would be a team from the Northeast playing?

And oh, for irony’s sake, Maddux was the losing pitcher when Philly last clinched a spot in the World Series in 1993.

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