October 17, 2008

Time for a rewrite

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

How about the ending of that game? The Red Sox come back from down seven runs and possibly shift the momentum to their side heading into the weekend. Whether they play one game or two is still up to them though. I had completely written off the Sox after Tampa Bay jumped out 7-0 and here’s actually what I had started writing while watching the game (and monitoring the stuff I was supposed to be watching for with my other eye).

And please just remember, this was during the game.

The Tampa Bay Rays went into Boston and won three straight playoff games in the over the Red Sox. I still can’t believe it.
The first thing I noticed about last night’s game and how this could be the end of the Red Sox season happened before the first pitch. It was Boston’s starter Daisuke Matsuzaka — particularly his haircut. Dice-K was sporting a style of faux hawk, the same type of haircut that nearly every Tampa Bay Ray player or fans sports. Perhaps it was an omen.
Even when the Sox brought in their star closer Jon Papelbon to stop the bleeding, he faltered. The Rays were able to continue running up the score and the Red Sox were the team that looked like the little brother in this relationship.
Where was Big Papi all series? Off the ‘roids I’m guessing. After putting up a sub-par season, David Ortiz continued his downward trend by going 1-for-17 in the ALCS until his homer in the seventh inning that did nothing except make the game look closer on the scoreboard.

Well, that will teach me to start writing off a team with as much heart and talent as Boston. Good for them and I won’t make that mistake watching them this weekend.

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