October 18, 2008

Cowboy conundrums

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

What exactly will they put on the back of their jerseys? Has there ever been two guys with the same name on the backs on of their jerseys? Now that the Cowboys have two Roy Williams, this might get complicated. Imagine if they wore opposite numbers? Like Safety Roy wears 38 and Receiver Roy could wear 83. That would be fun (WR Roy’s wearing 11, too bad). It would be even better if their middle names were the same, that could cause even greater problems. Now, we can only hope that the ‘Boys go out and get Roy(dell) Williams off Tennessee. Let the madness never end.

I said it once, I’ll say it again: Were punches thrown in the latest “Pacman” incident? Apparently not so why is he suspended? This is ridiculous.

Now Tony Romo — who is apparently taking advice from Brett Favre (explains the bad decisions/interceptions) — wants to play with his broken pinky finger. I’m all for guys playing through pain and being tough, gamer types, but I wouldn’t risk it. With St. Louis on Sunday and then Tampa Bay next week, why rush back? Brad Johnson is more than capable enough to beat St. Louis, then against the Bucs’ “Tampa 2″ defence, you need to be precise and throw clean balls or else you’ll be picked. Romo wasn’t very good with his decisions recently and playing hurt wouldn’t help in that game. So why not bring him back after the bye (so four Sundays from now against New York) when he’s had enough time to get to, like, 95% healthy instead of risking reinjury? That’s what I would do at least.

Now for the week seven picks, with the lines straight from Vegas.

Tennessee (-8) over KANSAS CITY
The league’s remaining undefeated team takes on Kansas City. This one should never be in doubt. I don’t like the Titans offence but their defence could easily score twice off the Chiefs errors.

BUFFALO (Pick) over San Diego
A potential game of the week. It looks like the Chargers have found their stride while exposing the Patriots last week and the Bills are coming off a bye week that allowed concussed quarterback Trent Edwards to shake out his cobwebs. I’m not one to use the timezone differences and travel schedules when picking games but it is looking like West Coast teams aren’t so hot on the East Side.

Pittsburgh (-9.5) over CINCINNATI
Hey, Troy, if the NFL were really like touch football maybe your offensive line could protect Ben a bit better and you wouldn’t get injured every time you sneak up to the line to stop the run. Either you play it, the Steelers will beat the tar out Cincy having rested last weekend.

Baltimore (+3) over MIAMI
The Dolphins ran the Wild Cat less last week and walked out of Houston with a loss — coincidence? Perhaps. The Ravens have the type of defence that can also be effective against the chic formation so look for only a few cameos. The ‘fins also are surprisingly good at stopping the rush so I’ll take the points in a low scoring affair.

Dallas (-6.5) at ST. LOUIS
The Rams defence is so bad that even the guy who used to run them knew they’d give up a late score last week. They’re also playing dumb as evidenced by Richie Incognito’s penalty that almost put the game-winning field goal attempt out of range. I’m not very worried about this one for God’s Team but that could mean to bet on St. Lou in this crazy season.

CHICAGO (-3) over Minnesota
Last week was a tough loss for the Bears but would you rather lose on a last second field goal while visiting a decent team or win against the Lions because their QB was so inept he ran out of his own endzone? Adrian Peterson had his breakout game against Chicago last year, do you think they’ll let him do that again?

CAROLINA (-3) over New Orleans
NFC South teams are all better at home than on the road. Even though the Saints held AP in check, they won’t be able to load up the box with eight guys to stop Jonathon Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. Try that and Jake Delhomme will bomb it Steve Smith all day. This should be a matchup nightmare for the New Orleans defence.

NEW YORK GIANTS (-10) over San Francisco
Everybody loses. It’s a fact of life that no one can win every game, even if it’s against Cleveland. The Giants will exact their revenge against the 49ers and it won’t be pretty. The Giants have scored 85 points against NFC West opponents. The Jets put 56 up on the Cardinals. What is so inviting about that division to New York teams?

HOUSTON (-9) over Detroit
Will Dan Orlovsky run out of the end zone, terrified that Mario Williams might get him this week? I wouldn’t put it past him. Selling off Roy Williams to Dallas pretty much means Detroit’s tossing in the towel on this season.

New York Jets (-3) over OAKLAND
It’s easier to travel west than east so the distance shouldn’t affect the Jets too much. Broadway Brett might not want to be throwing in the direction of Laveranues Coles though, Nnamdi Asomugha will be all over him and could walk away with three picks given the opportunity.

Cleveland (+7) over WASHINGTON
I usually don’t read Bill Simmons’ picks before making mine but he did have a good point in saying that the Redskins had won their four games by 20 total point (average of five). I’m not sure if that’s going to be good enough to cover against a Browns team that’s coming off a win over the Giants.

Indianapolis (-2) over GREEN BAY
Is Peyton Manning back? Or does he just know the Ravens well enough to dismantle them? Was it finally taking advantage of their home-field, maybe. Green Bay did come up with a gutsy win courtesy of Aaron Rodgers last week, but can they take down the resurgent Colts? Also, isn’t it funny how Peyton finally stepped up his play after a week or two people saying Eli’s the better Manning? Take that little bro.

Also, why did they have to keep Manning’s second knee surgery secret? His justification is that it would be more of a target. Seriously? If it was going to be a target that talk would’ve started after his first surgery. The second one’s not going to amplify that.

Seattle (+10.5) over TAMPA BAY
I like Seneca Wallace, I really do. In fact, for many Maddens, I would grab him as my backup QB since he could run and had a decent arm. Now, he’s rated in the 80s and not worth my time to get since it would cost too much. What does this story mean? That I think that Wallace is good enough to at least keep this game within 11 points.

Denver (+3) over NEW ENGLAND
I think it’s all downhill for the Patriots. The NFL is a copycat league and the Chargers really showed people that Bill Belichick is no genius and without cheating and Tom Brady, his legacy is nothing. Plus Mike Shanahan owns the Pats — he’s won five of his last six against them.

Last week: 4-7
This season: 42-37-1

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