October 21, 2008

Big trouble

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

By now, you should have realized that there’s something wrong with the Dallas Cowboys. I’m willing to give some credit to the St. Louis Rams, who looked better than they have all season (not saying much). They’ve played a lot better since Scott Linehan was fired and Jim Haslett stepped in. Somehow, the defence is even playing better. And Steven Jackson, well he’s finally playing like he cares.

I fell the blame should fall squarely on head coach Wade Phillips. Any time there is a team this talented (and troubled), it’s the coach’s duty to keep every one in line and everything flowing smoothly. When things break down, it’s the man in charge’s fault. Phillips may be just holding the place of Jason Garrett until the end of the season, but he has to act like more than a lame duck right now. A few more losses and the playoffs may become out of reach when you consider how many good teams are playing in the NFC this season, let alone how good the other teams in the NFC East are playing. Something has to be done.

Anyone expecting the Bears-Vikings game to be a defensive battle was in for one hell of a surprise. 48-41? Really guys? The case can be made that both teams defences and special teams helped largely to create good field position and points, but that score is quite something.

What jerks the Lions are for doing their best to comeback and lose by ten. Did they have no idea that the line was set and 10.5? What an awful gambling moment for me.

Speaking of the Lions, who will go winless longer: them or the even sadder Chiefs? I know no one expected Kansas City to beat the Titans but playing three different quarterbacks who probably have as much skill — combined — as Kerry Collins just sad. And remember, CFL MVP Casey Printers was cut by the Chiefs because he wasn’t as good as Huard, Thigpen or Croyle. That’s how bad the quality of CFL players is. I’d say it’s minor league football at its finest but that would be an insult to the Arena Football League.

Looks like the 49ers finally pulled the trigger on firing Mike Nolan. It’s hard to say it’s his fault really when you look at who his quarterbacks have been during his tenure by the Bay. The small-handed bust Alex Smith, journeymen Shaun Hill and Tim Rattay, then now J.T. O’Sullivan, whose name sounds like a better pub than a quarterback? Nolan got a raw deal.

I told you the Ravens would stop the Miami Wildcats. Pull out a gimmick too often and against the wrong teams and you’ll pay for it. Also, Baltimore did their best to avenge their loss to Miami last year — the Dolphins only win of 2007. Now if I can just figure out which of the Ravens runningbacks will get the most touches next week, maybe my fantasy team will start to turn their season around.

Who was the idiot that released the balloons that got tangled in a transformer and shut down the power at Ralph Wilson Stadium? Someone should answer for this because I, for one, was really looking forward to watching the Bills-Chargers game. Instead, I was stuck with the dreadful Bengals-Steelers matchup. I have two further comments about this situation: 1) If you’re calling the Bengals the “best 0-6 team ever,” you obviously haven’t watched them play. 2) That blackout never would’ve happened if the Bills were in Toronto.

So after this week, should we ever bet against an NFC South team at home again? Well I’m not exactly sure what that means for next week’s Saints “home” game in London, England, but I’ll take the rest of them when they’re playing in their natural home stadium.

And not to make excuses for Denver, but anytime a team’s starting QB (Jay Cutler) has a hand issue bad enough to force him from the game and that team loses a perennial Pro Bowler at corner (Champ Bailey), they’re probably not going to walk away with a win on the road.

And what a week for RTP’s picks. Throw out that Lions result and that’s only three losses on the week. Good times.

This week: 9-4
This season: 51-41-1


  1. That’s why we love the NFL. Who would of thought Dallas would be in such a position at this time of the year. Anybody , except the Lions and Chiefs, can win at anytime.

  2. The Niners are pathetic. This season is over. 31-6 against the Seachickens??? Really? That’s Lions territory,

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