October 25, 2008

Is it Week 8 already?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Just when I thought that there couldn’t be a worse playoff system than the one that the NBA and NHL use — where over half the teams make the post-season — I found the worst (and dumbest ) system yet. The CFL really outshines everyone when it comes to bad post-season systems. In the CFL, 75% of the teams will play after the regular season is done. Seriously.

Why can’t the top two teams, one from each division, face off in the finals? The CFL’s season is already long enough at 19 weeks so why make these guys play a possible 22? And you think the NFL expanding their season is bad. I would sign of on having the top two in each division face off for their “pennant” and the right to play in the Grey Cup as well. But seeing 6 out of 8 teams make it is simply dumb.

When your league only has eight teams in it, the task of making the post-season should be made difficult not extremely easy. Now, I like the cross-over rule which allows the teams with the best records, regardless of conference to earn a berth — something the NBA should think about. But other than that, it’s ludicrous.

Now, for picks on a real sports league, the NFL, with line from Vegas.

BALTIMORE (-7) over Oakland
This line seems a bit high but that usually indicates Vegas knows something that you don’t. The Raiders will be playing on the East coast and won’t be the first west team to win a cross-coast game. And if they try one of those insanely long field goals, the Ravens are the type of team that will make you pay for it.

San Diego (-3) over New Orleans in London, England
Last year’s game in London was a mess; hopefully they’ve prepared the field adequately and there won’t be tremendous damage done like in the past.

Kansas City (+14) over NEW YORK JETS
Just when you think the Chiefs can’t get any worse, they put two QBs on the IR, give an open casting call for the job that even Daunte Culpepper doesn’t sign up for then. Plus, they’ve suspended the best player on the team, Larry Johnson, because he allegedly beats women. What a team… I won’t be disappointed if I get this one wrong.

Tampa Bay (+2) at DALLAS
There’s just so much wrong with Dallas right now, I don’t know what to do. I support them and their decisions but what sense is it to trade for a guy who’s supposed to be a stud receiver, then not throw him the ball? The Bucs are pretty than anyone will give them credit for and I just can’t wait for the Cowboys’ bye week.

PHILADELPHIA (-9) over Atlanta
I’m sure people in Philadelphia are a bit more preoccupied by the other team that’s playing across the street on Sunday night, but still these fans will be rabidly after Matt Ryan. Having Brian Westbrook back really helps too.

NEW ENGLAND (-7.5) over St. Louis
The Rams have been hot the past two weeks, this much is true. But with Steven Jackson a game-time decision, you know that he’s not going to be 100% even if he does play. The Patriots looked great against the Broncos on Monday night and I see no reason why the can’t do it again at home.

CAROLINA (-4) over Arizona
I’m not going to bet against the Panthers at home. Not until they convince me not to. Hopefully this is a Jonathan Stewart week again and not a DeAngelo Williams week. Stewart could easily be rookie of the year if he had the touches.

DETROIT (+7.5) over Washington
Washington just doesn’t win big. In fact, I could even see the Lions winning this one. Really, would you be shocked to be watching the highlights and see the Lions improbably kick a last second field goal to take the game by one or two? Well, maybe a little of that is just me hating on the ’skins.

JACKSONVILLE (-7) over Cleveland
What is Romeo Crennel’s problem with Brady Quinn? Derek Anderson should be wearing the headset on the sideline by now. If the Jags laying the smackdown on the Browns doesn’t facilitate some change, I don’t know what will.

New York Giants (+3) over PITTSBURGH
You’re going to hear “possible Super Bowl preview” a lot during the pregame shows about this game. Too bad that both of these teams will be too beat up by January to hit their stride in the playoffs. Mewelde Moore isn’t going to impact this game too much.

Seattle (+5.5) over SAN FRANCISCO
If memory serves, the away team usually wins the matchups between these two division foes. The 49ers do have a new coach in place which could fire them up but I’m not buying into the Seahawks being toast yet.

Cincinnati (+9) over HOUSTON
Should the Texans really be favoured this heavily? Sure, they beat the Lions by 10 last week but you have to figure that the Bengals are at least one point better than Detroit.

Indianapolis (+4) over TENNESSEE
I can see this game breaking down two ways. Either one team will kick a last minute field goal to win the game or the Colts will show they shouldn’t be counted out of the playoff hunt yet. Either way having the points is a good call.

Last week: 9-4
This season: 51-41-1

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