October 27, 2008

As certain as you can get

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

After blowing out the Rays last night, even getting a home run from their starting pitcher Joe Blanton, Tampa Bay doesn’t look like it has any hope of bringing the World Series back home for Games 6 or 7. Especially not with Cole Hamels starting tonight for the Phillies. The National League advantage and overall experience has proven to be too much for the young Rays.

The inexperience really showed through on the game-winning dribbler of Game 3. I still don’t know how a guy, who is being touted as a future Gold Glover, picks up a ball that was clearly going foul. Longoria had no shot at making the play at home from that angle and might have lost the Rays the series because of that miscue. But then again, Carlos Ruiz could very well have just pounded one into the spacious outfield on the next pitch anyway.

As for Hamels, well he’s pretty much automatic this post-season. And if the Rays can top him and comeback to win it all in seven games, well that just might be a even bigger story than Philly’s first championship in 20-something years. But either way – you could have seen this from the beginning of the Series – there are going to be riots in Philadelphia, win or lose it all. Let’s hope it’s not the latter, for the citizens’ sake.

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