October 30, 2008

The longest game ever

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It was a game that finished about 50 hours after it started and it only lasted 9 innings. It took so long the Tampa Bay Rays were kicked out of the hotel rooms and had to drive to Dover to sleep in beds. And even though they had to wait that long to see how Game 5 ended, I’m sure it was worth every second of it for Phillies fans.

Waiting two more days is after waiting that long for a championship? It might’ve been a little tense at most but nothing for a tortured city that finally got to celebrate. I’ll ask you this though, would the Philly fans have rioted more if they had lost than they did after they won? Imagine the heart-ache of losing a 3-1 series lead to the Rays of all teams.

And what a back and forth finally few innings! The only regretable thing about getting an exciting outcome like that is now morons who want baseball games to move faster will point to this oddity as to how to make the game better. Really, you’d want to come to the ballpark for three innings of nonsense? Why not outlaw defence in the NBA (a la the rookie-sophomore game) or just have shootouts to decide NHL games? If anyone thinks this sprint-style finish was good for baseball in the long run, well you’re sadly mistaken.

On Monday night, with the rain pouring down for several innings, it was admirable that the umpires were trying to wait it out and play through the absolutely awful weather but that game should have been called or suspended earlier than it was. But, ask anyone in the newsroom around here and they’ll tell you, I called it. With the Phillies up 2-1 after they started the fifth, I said it: “There’s no way that they can possibly call the game the way it is now.”

Could you imagine how much of a farce it would be if the game was called and the Phillies won the World Series because the game was official when it was called? That’s a move so dumb that the NHL probably were thinking of ways to do it. So when the Rays brought home a run to tie it all up, I proclaimed, “Now, they’ll pack it in.” And look what happened.

Okay, seriously, all the “Ph” instead “F” head lines might’ve been the most annoying trend of the playoffs. Could no one in any media outlet think of something a bit more creative? “Phinally”? That doesn’t even make sense.

Another interesting note about the cold and rain on Monday night, there was one player out there in the field without sleeves on under his uniform. That player, Shane Victorino, a native of Hawaii.

And, finally, with the Rays out there wearing those ridiculous ski masks and ball caps with the ear warmers, don’t you think they deserved to lose for looking like morons?

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  1. The Rays gave it a good run, but those hats with the ear flaps did them in.

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