November 3, 2008

“As long as possible”

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

That’s how long I got to watch the overtime of Tennessee against Green Bay yesterday, “as long as possible.” That turned out to be just long enough for the Titans to move the ball to midfield in overtime before the coverage was cut out. And it didn’t even go to the next game on tap (Dallas at New York, which honestly, i was interested in watching) but it went to commercials. Really NFL? You forced me to watch ads instead of seeing the Titans stay undefeated in a game which the Packers realistically could’ve taken? This “next game” rule which says that networks have to broadcast the 4 o’clock games even if the 1 p.m. game hasn’t ended is ridiculous. Too often are we, the viewers, taken away from good games to see some pre-game coverage before the next match up even commences.

It was nice to see the Titans actually beat a decent team. Now we’ll see a ton of stories about how they should be respected/feared and might actually go undefeated. Their next six games are quite winnable which sets them up to be a possible 14-0 for a last stretch against Pittsburgh and Indy. Figure in that they’ve already beaten the Colts this season and that the Steelers probably won’t have a single healthy player left by Week 16 and it’s not too unrealistic that Tennessee can go 16-0. Unless they fall in a trap game that is. Imagine the shock if the winless Lions downed the undefeated Titans in Week 13.

Seriously, when will Brady Quinn get his chance? Derek Anderson helped Cleveland blow 14 point lead and go on to lose by 10 — which included an awful interception that was returned 42 yards for a TD by a lineman. I don’t see Quinn, that handsome devil, stepping in for this week’s game since it’s on Thursday night, but that will set him up for a week-plus of downtime to install him at pivot for Week 11. If Anderson keeps his job for any longer than one more game, well then we might want to check to see if Romeo Crennel’s still alive on the sidelines.

How bad is the AFC West outside of LDT? Well yesterday the Raiders only managed 77 yards of offence and were booed at home, the Broncos got an astounding 14 yards on the ground on 12 attempts and the Chiefs are still starting future-CFLer Tyler Thigpen at QB. This division has officially hit the skids and San Diego isn’t doing to much to make it look any better on paper.

Speaking of the Chiefs, I’m not sure how they were able to get 21 points ahead of a good team like the Bucs, but the end result sure represented which team was the better. And seriously, how do you blow a lead like that?

Good for the Bengals, everyone has to win sometime. Beating Jacksonville really shows you how overrated the Jags are, not so much of how good this Cinci team is. You never really hear about this but between the Reds and Bengals, how sad is the sports scene in Cincinnati? The Columbus Blue Jackets could move in and instantly be the kings of the town — even at 4-6-0.

So, now we’re all clear that there was a very good reason why Brooks Bollinger is a third string QB and shouldn’t have the responsibility of leading any team, anywhere. It’s seriously comforting knowing the Cowboys have a bye week and will hopefully have Tony Romo back under centre the next time they take to the field.

What a quick fall from grace this season has been for the Seahawks. They’ve clearly packed it in and should be gunning for a solid draft pick. I’m not sure what they need more though, A young QB to backup — and secede – Hasselbeck, a stud running back to absolve them of their current mess or a receiver to brighten up that corps.

They may not be the same teams as they were of yesteryear, but the Colts and Patriots still put on a good show in the Sunday nighter. But what was up with all the balls falling through Patriot receivers’ hands? Gaffney and Welker both had huge drops in a close game.

If there’s no other reason to watch the game tonight, this might be it: The Redskins have been rumoured to have been practising a version of the Miami Wildcat with Antwaan Randal El at the QB position.

This week: 8-4 (with Pittsburgh +1.5 tonight)
This season: 64-51-2

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