November 10, 2008

2-pt conversion mania

by Dan Bilicki In: Fantasy, Football, Picks

I guess when you have nothing left to lose like the Chiefs did, you can go for a two-point conversion with the game on the line, botch it and nobody in the media will skew you because you were a) already awful and b) taking a risk to try to win. It’s nice to see a team go the ballsy route but I really don’t think it was necessary. Besides, why not call a running play to get those two yards instead of the awful play-action roll out? As Greg Easterbrook of TMQ would call it, a very Sweet and Sour call.

Then, with Seattle visiting Miami, the Seahawks came within a time-dying, two-point conversion of extending the game into OT. And of course, if they had made it, that first sentence would’ve been more like “they went to OT and then lost on a 38-yard field goal.” 2008 for the city of Seattle has been maybe the worst sports year a city has had to deal with. Ever.

When your QB goes 7-for-27, a 26% completion percentage, and your team still wins by 11, well you probably just faced the Oakland Raiders. I don’t care that they have two wins more than the Lions, Oakland might be the worst team in the NFL. The worst part about it is that their future isn’t looking too bright either with the way JaMarcus Russell has been performing.

With the amount of mistakes that the Giants committed last night and still won the game, you can’t argue that this team is the best in the NFC and the Super Bowl favourite. If they went up against undefeated Tennessee, I’d be hard pressed to bet against the defending champs.

What a rout the Jets-Rams game was. 47-3? Really? And who would have possibly thought that Thomas Jones would have nine touchdowns at this point of the season after scoring one all of last year? Also, it seriously looks like St. Louis is back to their horribly crap-tastic ways.

Big Ben Roethlisberger should not have played yesterday. It was fairly obvious by the amount of picks that he threw that his shoulder isn’t at 100%. Those turnovers killed his team and let Peyton and Co. Walk into Heinze Field struggling and walk out with a win still. I think Byron Leftwich should’ve gotten the call, or at least seen some time in that one.

So maybe the Bills just can’t beat their division rivals. That doesn’t bode well for a team that’s faltering after roaring out of the gates. Going 0-3 against AFC East teams? That’s not the way to clinch a post-season berth. But, like I’ve said, Buffalo is a completely different team without Aaron Schobel, the anchor of their D-line and since Trent Edwards was concussed, he’s holding onto the ball a bit too long – a sign his decision making isn’t all there.

And how much do you love the name BenJarvus Green-Ellis? Not only is it four names in one, it rolls off your tongue with a pleasant sound. I’m considering trading for him in Madden just so he can be in my life a bit more. As for fantasy purposes, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to pick him up after four straight strong weeks.

As for my picks, it seems like I’ve got this league on lockdown. Seriously, 13 games over .500 is nothing short of remarkable.

This week: 9-3 (with Arizona -9.5)
This season: 65-52-2.


  1. Buffalo, why are you so cruel to your fans? So full of hope and promise, only to be disappointed and heartbroken. Do you think we enjoy going to The Ralph only to have defeat rubbed in our faces ? Please do it for the fans, a winning season at least .

  2. In Buffalo’s 27-29 loss to the Browns on Monday, Trent Edwards had another forgettable night in a growing string of them. He threw three first half interceptons while completing 16-of-26 passes and one touchdown. Our View: He

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