November 20, 2008

Thinking about ties

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Firstly, how much respect did you lose for Donovan McNabb after learning that he doesn’t even know the rules to the sport that he’s playing? For me, I think he’s an idiot now. I had my doubts about his IQ after the whole clock management in the Super Bowl fiasco but this was just bad. I understand his coach Andy Reid, another notorious time management anti-guru, defending him out of loyalty, but how about next summer at training camp you go over the simplicities of the game for an hour or so. The Eagles wasted a chance to win in Cincy and it might be the downfall of their season.

My next quarrel with this tie involves the teams “Winning percentage.” Now, I have always taken that percentage in the standings to be the given teams winning percentage but now I have my doubts. How could it be that the 5-4-1 Eagles are at .550 instead of .500? Should their percentage of games won not be made from the standard equation of (five games won divided by ten games played). Ties should not count as half wins as suggested in the standings. And if there are playoff implications because of this draw, there should be a ton of ire raised.

For tonight’s game, I feel as if I’m already getting tired of these Thursday night affairs. Really, they’re an inconvenience to a writer like myself and the teams involved who are playing on extremely shortened weeks. The only time that teams should play on Thursdays are at Thanksgiving and that’s it.
As for my pick, I’ll take Cincinnati (+11) over PITTSBURGH. The Steelers were much healthier when they routed the Bengals earlier this season and in case you haven’t noticed, the woeful Bengals haven’t lost a game since October. They’ve even played decent teams to; look it up.

Last week: 9-5
This season: 74-58-2

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  1. Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) – If you own the Steelers defense/special team in your fantasy league and lost by eight points or less are you smiling today? Probably not. It’s not just gamblers who are unhappy with NFL officiating. There

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