November 24, 2008

Opportunity wasted

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

This Thursday’s Thanksgiving matchups had already lost their lustre a bit this season with Thursday night games already taking place for the past two weeks, but now we, the viewing public will be deprived of an amazing sight. Because the Jets went down to Tennessee and defeated the 10-0 Titans, we won’t see the first ever 11-0 vs. 0-11 faceoff.

So it looks like Randy Moss and Matt Cassel went out for drinks sometime this week and worked on their chemistry. Now that he’s running again, Cassel has all of the Pats’ weapons working for him like Brady did last year; and Cassel is playing just as well as pretty boy Tom. There is no way that Cassel will return to New England next season and fight with Brady for the starters spot so I have no idea why anyone would ever consider that, but don’t you think that teams like Detroit, Minnesota, Kansas City and maybe even Chicago or Tampa would throw $7-million at this guy? Not very unrealistic, is it?

Speaking of wide receivers breaking out, how about that T.O. guy? Over 200 yards receiving is great game by anyone’s standards, but it was against the 49ers so let’s not get too worked up. The better sign for the Cowboys is that their oft-criticized defence was strong when it had to be and stopped Mike Martz’s attacks. These Cowboys could be coming around at the right time and with Seattle visiting for Thanksgiving, it looks like another mark in the win column coming up.

It looks like we’re watching an end of an era in Philadelphia. It has never been more apparent than now that Donovan McNabb and/or Andy Reid have to go. It’s easier to see McNabb on his way out since his heir apparent is already licking his chops, waiting in the wings. With Reid, he probably has another year to prove that he’s still got it and it really depends on well he can/has developed Kevin Kolb to be the starting QB of the future. It will be very interesting to see who’s under centre against Arizona on Thursday night.

Briefly: I told you that Brady Quinn shouldn’t be playing with a broken finger … I also told you so about the Bills getting back on track against Kansas City, but that wasn’t too hard to see coming … With the Raiders toppling the Broncos, the AFC West has reached a brand new low. There shouldn’t be a playoff team from that awful division … Okay, I think I’m going to start taking the Falcons seriously now … Who deserves the rookie of the year more: Matt Ryan or Matt Forte? They’re in a dead heat right now in books with Chris Johnson a close third.

Finally, it seems like I’m making a regular tradition of forgetting to write up my Monday night prediction when I post my weekend picks. So without further ado…

Packers (+1) over SAINTS
The NFC South teams usually enjoy a healthy advantage when playing at home, but this Packers team is better than their record indicates. Drew Brees will do his best and rack some yardage through the air, but New Orleans defence won’t be able to hold back the resurgent Ryan Grant and the Pack’s running game. With a suspension coming next week to Deuce McAllister as well, New Orleans should better get used to having no running game to compliment Brees’ aerial attack.

This week: 5-7-1
This season: 79-66-3

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