December 2, 2008

More write-offs!

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey

It was so fun to write off some NFL teams from post-season contention that I figured why not have another look around and keep on counting people and teams out? Hey, it’s better than talking at any length about that snoozer of a Monday Night Football game last night, right? Seriously, the NFL has to think of a way to save us from these matchups that might’ve looked good at the beginning of the season, but dissolved faster than Jacksonville’s running game.

The future NFC North champion and the Arizona Cardinals in the playoffs: We’re looking at some of the best wildcard teams in a long time. Regardless of who takes the North, do you not think that either the Bucs or Panthers could take them? The Cardinals were completely exposed by the Eagles on Thursday and you don’t think that if the Cowboys went back out to the desert, they couldn’t reverse their outcome from earlier this season? I’ll take the road teams come January.

Romeo Crennel as Browns head coach: Starting your third string QB for the rest of the season — unless he gets injured too — and playing with your playmaking tightend on the sidelines and your best receiver dropping more balls than he catches, it’s pretty safe to say that Romeo Crennel will not rally Cleveland to a miraculous finish and keep his job.

Vesa Toskala on breakaways: This guy just cannot play one-on-ones and shootouts. He’s a good positional goalie and has high-end reflexes, but he doesn’t have the size to cover enough of the net when guys have the opportunity to pick corners while waltzing in.

Plaxico Burress as a Giant: Shooting yourself in your already injured thigh after you’ve been drinking at a club isn’t the best way to keep your hard-ass coach happy. Getting arrested yesterday wasn’t too great either. The way that his contract extension is broken down, it would be very easy for the Giants to release him after this season and not have too much trouble with guaranteed money owed to him. All that’s really left for Burress to do now is sign with the Cowboys or Bengals. It’s very obvious that he’s just another diva receiver with severe issues.

Texas’ shot at the National Championship game: Thanks to the BCS computers, Oklahoma is going to the Big 12 championship against Missouri. The Longhorns desperately need the Sooners to lose that game if they want any shot of playing for the national title come January and judging by the opening line from Vegas (Sooners by 17) it’s not going to happen.

The Detroit Pistons on Sundays: They haven’t won a Sunday game yet all season and they haven’t even been close either, losing by an average of nearly 17 points per game. They even lost big to the lowly Timberwolves so they can’t even say it has been a tough schedule. It looks like the Lions aren’t the only team in Detroit that gets blown out every Sunday.

Stephon Marbury as a relevant NBA player: Clearly, the guy is far more of a cancer than a player now-a-days. He’s only played sparsely over the past two seasons and has one of the biggest contracts in the league. Is there any evidence that he can still shoot? Regardless of where he goes after the Knicks release or buy him out, he’ll be a late man off the bench at best. I would be very surprised if any real contender even took a gamble on him.

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