December 4, 2008

What’s wrong with the NHL: Dec ‘08

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey, Picks

Commissioner Gary Bettman is at it again. He’s made his sport look dumb and everyone seems to turn their blind eye to it because the man who committed the misdeed is an agitator that has crossed him in the past.

The suspension of Sean Avery is a joke.

Sure, he made an “off-colour” remark about his ex-girlfriend on the same day he was supposed to play against the guy who is currently dating her, but is that worth an indefinite suspension? Since when is talking trash that unacceptable? Guys in the NFL aren’t suspended for celebrating hits and yapping to each other on the field. NBA players aren’t suspended for talking trash to each — the worst you can get is a flagrant foul for that. Why the over-reaction from the NHL?

This season has been one of the worst ever when it comes to violence on the ice — specifically hits from behind. Why has Sean Avery been banned for more games than a guy like Ryan Hollweg who has been suspended twice this season for hitting from behind — a potentially crippling offence? Avery has missed two games so far and will meet with Bettman today to learn his fate. Hollweg missed two games for his first offence this season.

Since when is hurting someone’s feelings more punishable than physically, purposely hurting someone? Seems a little backwards, no?

And, quickly, the Carolina Hurricanes fired coach Peter Laviolette yesterday and replaced him with Paul Maurice. Why is this dumb? Because Carolina is 12-11-2 and sitting in a playoff spot. Is there need to replace your coach in that instance? Also, Maurice has previously been fired by the Canes. What has he done between that firing and this hiring? Well he’s coached an AHL team and a very lackluster Toronto Maple Leafs team that twice missed the playoffs. This whole move makes no sense.

And tonight, I’ll take Oakland (+9) over SAN DIEGO. The Chargers clearly have everyone’s hopes up and with the Raiders just one win behind them, are LDT’s crew really nine points better? i don’t think so.

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  1. Sure guys in other leagues talk trash to each other on court or field, that’s part of the intensity in a competitive sports. Making unprovoked comments and indirectly smearing the image of a sport organization that is another.

    Avery could have kept that comment between him and Phaneuf, but instead he chose to to make headlines again. This isn’t the first time he has been involved in controversy regarding himself and the NHL, not even his team mates are choosing to rally behind him regarding this matter, that’s showing something of his character and his professionalism towards the sport and business.

    You say that the NHL is wrong for suspending him for his actions, well let me ask you this. If there was a player in the NFL who constantly created controversial headlines with questionable conduct, who constantly spoke out about other players and challenged Roger Goodell do you think these type of actions would be tolerated by the league?

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