December 8, 2008

Some Giant mistakes

by Dan Bilicki In: Fantasy, Football, Picks

Maybe the whole Plaxico mess has gotten to the Giants’ heads. The team that’s been as error-free as possible so far this season (with the exception of the Cleveland game) put on a gaffe-filled show against Philadelphia yesterday. Dropped passes and missed opportunities were all over the place and bad decisions — like having Antonio Pierce in man coverage against Brian Westbrook on his 40-yard TD reception — were the types of decisions that New York had been smart enough to avoid this far. I don’t think we should go as far as saying they’re not the cream of the league, but this might have leveled them off with the Titans.

Tony Romo just gave every body who talks about the NFL more ammunition for their arguments that he’s not a clutch QB. He literally threw the game away in Pittsburgh when the going got tough. Kudos should go out to the unheralded Tashard Choice though; he didn’t light up the Steelers defence but he did show that he can handle the load of being an NFL back.

Maybe Brett and the Jets just don’t like playing by the Bay. Losses to Oakland and now San Francisco — teams that should have proved inferior to a contender like the Jets — really make me shake my head about the lovable losers from New York. Who knows what is was yesterday, maybe the Niners have started to turn things around after Mike Singletary dropped his pants; or maybe it’s just something in the water out there that’s slowing down the Jets.

I honestly think that the Lions would have gotten their one win of the season yesterday if the Williamses were suspended. Now, their only really hope is that Green Bay somehow malfunctions against them — and after watching the Packers lose another heartbreaker, it might be a reality.

Seriously, has there every been a better 5-8 team than these Packers? Every week they lose a heartbreaker that they should’ve taken.

Apparently the Seahawks really are that bad. At least the new coach of Seattle next season will have a very high draft pick to help out a squad that does still have some talent. In the NFC West, the Seahawks should be contenders for the division title again.

And finally, thanks to a great four game winning streak, the Coney Island Whitefish have made the fantasy playoffs. I may be sitting in the eighth seed and have to face the top team, but last season I was in the same position and managed to hoist a banner to the rafters of our office. But now that’s more than likely not going to happen since I’ve just jinxed it.

This week: 7-7 (with Carolina -3 tonight)
This season: 86-75-3

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