December 15, 2008

What drama?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

For a team that’s supposedly divided down to the core, the Cowboys played one hell of a game against the Giants last night. After all the talk of the Witten-Romo vs. T.O. and the rest of the wide outs saga was the story of the week, Dallas held down the fort and disposed of the best team in football. Many will go ahead and start to write off the Giants now, saying that losing to QB who is as clutch as A-Rod in, arguably, the team’s biggest game of the season. But the Giants were without one of their key players, Brandon Jacobs. Don’t forget that the menacing Plaxico Burress is still out and defences can do a lot more things with the man who would’ve been doubling the star wideout. Seriously though, the Cowboys defence played like a squad that has seven Pro Bowlers on it – and not the Redskins type of Pro Bowlers either.

You really have to feel bad for Green Bay and Packers fans. What an awful year. The lone bright spot of losing this many games by as small margins as they have is that, in the draft, they get a really high pick and still have their great core to compliment a superb young talent. And mark my words, next season, the Pack win the NFC North title. Do the math: Easier schedule plus a year of experience for Aaron Rodgers plus a high draft pick equals NFL success. All bets are off if McNabb becomes a Bear though.

What a tremendous job by Matt Cassel. That compliment should really mean something since it’s not often at all that I dish out kudos to a Patriot. Losing your dad and playing a great game like that less than a week later is stunning. Great work.

If anything, a 13-9 game should’ve been expected for the Ravens-Steelers matchup. But, as far as I’m concerned, that was not a touchdown for the Steelers and the ref really blew that call. The ball did not break the plane from any angle I saw and there certainly wasn’t any overwhelming evidence that it did. The call shouldn’t have been reversed and the game should have gone on from there. I really hope these two teams do meet again in the playoffs. Defensive battles like that are a thing of beauty, not those air it out, 500 yards of offence games.

At least Jeff Fisher admitted that going for it on fourth and three instead of kicking the game-winning field goal was a bad idea. It would have been a long kick attempt at 49 yards, but Rod Bironas can hit that and already one of similar length earlier in the game. Also, why would you air it out with an average QB and average WR involved? You’re a power rushing team, why not try running for this crucial three yards? Even worse for the Titans is Albert Haynesworth – NFL MVP candidate – went down with a nasty looking knee injury. Tennessee needs him healthy for the playoffs so I’d think he sits the next two weeks, regardless of if he wants to play through it or not.

And, in sad news, the Coney Island Whitefish ran into a tough opponent and couldn’t pull an upset and escape the first round of the Fantasy playoffs. So, there will be no repeat and now, I can watch games for the next two weeks and actually cheer without bias. Or root against the guy who just beat me.

Okay, as for my picks, what is up with three ties in one week? Can we not have these silly three point lines and either bump it up or down a half point to save people from these annoying pushes? I wonder what Donovan McNabb would know about this if he were a gambling man, would he ask the bookie to make them play another OT?

This week: 5-6-3 (With Philly -14 tonight)
This season: 92-81-6

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