December 18, 2008

The Big Three

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball, Football, Picks

Can we just give the winner of the Xmas day game between the Celtics and the Lakers the NBA title and then fast forward to the summer of 2010? Or would you rather wait for the victor to take on the Cavs before making that call? I think it might be safer that way. With no offence to the Spurs, Hornets, Nuggets, Blazers and Magic, there are only three real contenders who have a shot at winning it all this season, but you probably already knew that if you even looked at an NBA page. 

You could argue the Atlanta Hawks could potentially knock off the Celtics after last night’s close call, but that would require them to win in Boston, not just at home.

This is shaping up to be a disappointing season for many squads who were expected to contend. Just look at the Raptors and Sixers — two teams that made big off-season moves and were predicted as high-seeded playoff squads. They’ve both now fired their coaches and might have a tough fight to make the playoffs. The Pistons made a big splash by trading for Allen Iverson but that move is only make their future free agent signing potential look better.

In the West, the Mavericks look like idiots for making the Devin Harris-Jason Kidd trade last deadline. Golden State is still running but going nowhere quick. The Sun are doing whatever they can to piss off their leader (Steve Nash) and the Jazz aren’t as dominant as we expected and are also looking mortal at home, where they were nearly impossible to beat last season.

As for the next tier of teams I mentioned earlier, would you seriously take any of them to beat the Cavs, Celts or Lakers in a seven game series? I thought not. So bring on Xmas, the de facto Super Bowl of this NBA season.

And in tonight’s NFL action, I’ll take Indianapolis (-6) over JACKSONVILLE. Even without Marvin Harrison and probably Joseph Addai on the sidelines, the Colts should be able to cover against the disappointing Jags.

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