January 8, 2009

Random realizations

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey

We already knew the BCS was messed up and needs to go, but I’ve found a new foible to be upset about. The Fiesta, Sugar and Rose Bowls all came before the GMAC Bowl? What sense does it make to have the penultimate bowl of the college football season be so garbage? How does a matchup of Ball State vs. Tulsa draw any crowd at all (except alumni).

Mats Sundin debut made his long awaited season debut and did nothing of interest. I’m glad that story is over with. The funniest sign in the Edmonton crowd had to be: “Hey Mats, I thought you wanted to win a Cup?” Good stuff right there.

Pacman got in trouble again, big surprise. What I really find funny is that ESPN basically got him released.

How much did some bands date themselves with their lyrics in the late 90s? Silverchair sang how they’d “make it up to you in the year 2000,” which came and went with little to no action from the Aussie trio. And the Offspring sang about going on Ricki Lake, a show that no longer exists (as far as I know). This is why bands should go with timeless lyrics instead of current culture references.

The Browns must really like coaches from the Belichick tree. After cutting his former defensive coordinator, Romeo Crennel, they’ve hired Eric Mangini, recently of the Jets. If any coach has proven that his protégés cannot be trusted, it’s Belichick. Crennel, Mangini and Notre Dame’s Charlie Weis are all atrocious. If I were thinking about hiring current New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, I’d be sceptical.

Brian Burke made his first trade for the Toronto Maple Leafs and I wouldn’t exactly call it building for the future. Trading for a 37-year-old enforcer isn’t exactly the best rebuilding move in my mind. At least they only gave up a conditional sixth round pick – I wasn’t even sure that the draft went that long.

The Ottawa Senators’ Jarkko Ruutu was suspended for biting the Buffalo Sabres’ Andrew Peters. If you thought that was funny enough, Ruutu actually bit through Peters’ glove and into his hand.

Are you going to ever want to draft Reggie Bush in your fantasy league after learning he’s had microfracture surgery? I think his career’s pretty much over. I hope he had a good major at USC.

And finally, WNBA superstar Candace Parker is pregnant. No doubt that even when she’s eight months pregnant, she’ll still be able to school her brother, the Raptors’ Anthony Parker. Seriously, AP is that bad.

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