January 20, 2009

MLK Day action

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

What a day for basketball. Not to sound racist or anything, but I find it very appropriate that the NBA used a day to honour an African-American hero to play some good matinees and top of the schedule with a meeting between, arguably, the league’s two best teams.

Raptors blew it against the Hawks. While it was largely in part due to their inability to keep up their form for a full 48 minutes, it’s mainly because Jamario Moon jacked up a stupid three point attempt in clutch time. How bad was it? Even the Raptors announcers were yelling at him. And if you’ve ever heard them, well you know how homer-ish they can get. This Toronto team around Chris Bosh needs to be blown up. Their situation at SG and SF is just atrocious.

Are the Sun THAT bad? Or are the Celtics that good? Well when one team is leading by 30 for most of the game, it’s probably a combination of the two. It also doesn’t help that is the second game of back-to-backs to Phoenix and Amare pooped the bed last night. I wouldn’t count out the Suns yet, but they’re another team that needs to make a move and Steve Nash needs to feel loved again.

Quickly, how the hell do the Spurs only beat Charlotte by two? They were trailing most of the game too! Sure, it was a matinee, but this is the Bobcats we’re talking about! The lowly Bobcats! I would say that San Antonio has to step it up, but this is just the regular season and a win is a win.

As for the headliner, the Lakers showed LeBron that winning the east will be the first war he has to fight, and then he’ll have to deal with the City of Angels. Even with Kobe dislocating a finger, they were still able to handily defeat the best player in the game. In case you’re counting, that’s two fingers (remember: he has torn ligaments in his pinkie still) that aren’t right on Kobe and he’s still playing better than 98% of the league.

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