February 10, 2009

A-Roid and other notes

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Olympics

I’ve really got to hand it Alex Rodriguez. He came out and did what many other players flat out refused to do; he admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs. And really, I respect him more now for doing it. This outcome is a lot less humiliating than what has gone on with Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds and will do a lot towards helping us put it this mess out of our memories.

Here’s a few things I’ve found floating around the internet that I found remarkable…

I did a double-take when I saw who was drafted by the DC United in the MLS “Superdraft”: Chris Pontius. Sadly, it’s not the same Chris Pontius of JackAss and Wildboyz fame, but just some normal college player. Now, how great would it be if it had been the real Pontius? The MLS is a borderline joke already, why not go all-in?

Spanish Sports Minister Jaime Lissavetzky was talking about Obama and his Chicago connection helping the American city in its Olympic bid. Then, out of nowhere, he drops a huge Bush-hating comment like it was nobody’s business.
“He’s been so bad for the world.”
The worst part is that now that W. is out of office, there’s really no way for him to get back at the guy by starting a war.

In other quotable news, The Cavs were so outraged about Mo Williams getting snubbed for the all-star game this Sunday, that they decided to create words to describe how they felt. Really, stupidiculous, idillogical and preposterageous should all be added to the english language. Immediately. Would there even be a downside to that?

Finally, this might be the best invention ever in the sport of hockey. Last season, Penguins goalie Marc Andre Fleury switched from bright yellow pads to white ones and had a remarkable turnaround. This was credited towards the fact that white goalie equipment blends into the ice and, out of the corner of your eye or at quick glance, a shooter will have less of an opportunity to recognize the open spot in the net rather than the pads. This net camo stencil on the equipment should be the next big thing for goalies and I have to give kudos to the kid who came up with it.

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